Conveyor Rollers, Idlers & Belts

We Offer CompleteRange of rollers/Idlers and Brackets for any Application.

UHMWPE is a linear polyethylene with a molecular weight more than 3 million. It is an outstanding plastic with the best self lubrication, impact absorbing properties and the highest resistance to abrasion, impact, chemicals of any thermoplasticspolymer. It is regarded as an amazing material, and the same is widely used.

Light weight and energy saving UHMWPE rollers are only one third less in weight than steel roller, they are even lighter than HDPE roller, since they have superior strength .Light weight and low friction result in considerableenergy saving.

Reduced belt damage UHMWPE shell is self-lubricant, and prevent the adhesion of any transfer material, so no damagewas caused to conveyor belt, even in case of roller be stopped.

We Offer CompleteRange of Conveyor Belts for any Application.

Idler & Conveyor Belts:

  • Standard Steel Rollers.
  • Nylon Rollers.
  • UHMWPE Rollers.
  • Optional Machined Rollers.
  • Complete Range of Idler Brackets.
  • Conveyor Belts with no surface partitioning.
  • Piece goods conveyor belt with cover patterning.
  • Belts with chevron cleats.
  • Box-section belts with corrugated sidewalls.
  • Conveyor belts in sandwich design.
  • Elevator belts


Crusher Pants, Mining Industries, Food Industries, Chemical & fertilizer industries etc.,